Lindsey Schadt, Guest Teacher,
Sub Teacher and Choreographer

Lindsey Schadt is a dance artist who began her dance training at New England Dance Academy in Attleboro, Massachusetts. She trained for 15 years in contemporary, jazz, ballet, modern, acrobatics, and tap, with Stephanie Kemp, Jill D’Aguanno, and Hope Spect. At the University of South Florida in Tampa, where she graduated with a BFA in Modern Dance, she trained with artists such as Michael Foley, Andee Scott, Bliss Kohlmyer, Jeane Travers, John Parks, Andrew Carrol, Osmany Montano, Paula Nunes, Kristin O’Neal, Erin Cardinal, and Merry Lynn Morris. Her performances include Michael Foley’s Dusk (2016), Be Right Back (2017), Bliss Kohlmyer’s Catalyst (2017), and Alex Ketley’s Ballast (2018). She is the recipient of the Hug Scholarship in 2017 for choreographic potential. Teaching dancers from the age of 2 to 17 years old, Trafford has been sharing her passion for dance for eight years at studios in Massachusetts and Florida. She sees it a blessing to inspire young dancers of all ages and is excited to continue her influence.

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